An Introduction to the Durian Fruit

Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman would be proud of me today because I tried the Durian fruit.

The Durian Fruit on the Tree
I love the Travel Channel and that’s where I first saw this huge Jackfruit-like fruit. Both Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman have tried it on their trips to Asia, and the description they gave of it was just always so intriguing – a fruit that smells like stinky socks and you have to hold your nose and eat it in order to appreciate the taste. Hmmm…I want to try that someday. Who knew that the day would be today?
On my way from lunch with one of my classmates (Trish) and one of my roomates (Vicky), we passed by the fruit vendors who were selling apples, peaches, grapes (lots of grapes), oranges and DURIAN! I think it’s a really expensive fruit (at 22.5 RMB per quarter), but I bought a 1/4. It was wrapped in plastic, and I actually thought it didn’t smell too bad, and despite my kind offer, neither Trish nor Vicky wanted to try a piece.
I brought it back to my room and put it on the window ledge (Vicky’s suggestion) and that’s when the real smell hit me.
Quarter of the Durian on my window sill
 It smelt like…a combination of dirty water (maybe sewer water) and Jackfruit. The smell was really pungent and it just settled at the back of my throat. It’s not a very inviting fruit, but I persevered.
 I pulled the pods from the casing and put them in a bowl. The pods have a striking resemblance to liver, if liver were cream coloured.  Finally it was time to try it.
Tasting it
Contemplating if I should try it

Well…I can say that I have tried the Durian Fruit. Will I be trying it again? More than likely not. I tied up the left overs in a plastic bag and still the smell is really strong. It’s not all bad though because it has vitamin C, tryptophan, potassium, carbohydrates, fats as well as proteins. Actually, the more I smell of it, the nicer it seems. OK, maybe I won’t write it off all together. Maybe I’ll try it again…someday.


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