How I got the Chinese Government Scholarship – part 1

This post is specifically for those who are interested in finding out what I did to get the Chinese Government Scholarship. These techniques really apply to any scholarship. The details of each scholarship will be different, but the overall principles are the same.

I will separate the steps into:

  1. Looking for the right scholarship for you
  2. Going through the application process
  3. Going through the interview
  4. Waiting to find out about the results

PART 1. – Looking for the right scholarship for you

After being awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship, a lot of persons were surprised, mainly because they didn’t know it existed and getting a scholarship seemed like an unattainable goal. The truth is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of scholarships available all over the world but people just do not know that they exist. With the Internet available to most people, it is possible to find out about many of the available scholarships. There are websites such as and There are also ministerial websites and notices that come out in newspapers, magazines and tabloids. It is really important to keep an eye out for these notices.

In my case, I subscribed to, checked the Jamaican Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education’s website almost everyday to check for updates, called around to the different embassies in Jamaica to find out if scholarships were available and I made sure to buy the Sunday Gleaner and Sunday Observer to look for notices.

Let people know that you are looking for available scholarships (those close to you of course), because they might pick up on something that you did not see. In my case, my mother acted as my second pair of eyes. She let me know about anything that she saw that I might have found interesting. It is also important to keep track of when the call for applications for the different scholarships come out. If you don’t know this, then you will either waste your time checking for scholarships when they are not there or you will miss the call for applications. I know that Scholarships tend to come out around September/October or January/February, but every scholarship is different and the deadlines vary from year to year.

Once you have found all the possible scholarships that are available, it might be a bit overwhelming to decide which ones to apply for. It is impossible to apply for them all, and I really would not recommend it. Narrow your search by identifying the things that are important to you, such as the country in which the scholarship is available, how much the scholarship covers, what level education the scholarship will fund, how long you will be funded, whether or not you are bonded, how much time you have to send in the application etc. Once you have identified these things, you can easily scan through the scholarships you have found and seriously decide which ones you are going to apply for.

It is important to make a decision about applying for a scholarship. Don’t go into it half heartedly because I really do believe that the application will come across as a half-hearted effort, therefore lessening your chances. Plus applying for a scholarship is a lot of work, if you are not convinced about it, it will be very easy to just give up on applying.

Part 2 – The Application (To be continued..)


2 thoughts on “How I got the Chinese Government Scholarship – part 1

  1. Wonderful it is really good to see and hear through this medium. Did not even remember that you are a Mass Com grad. Just happy to know that you are installed. Hope to hear more annon. Brendan.

  2. I am enlightened by your blog. I’m gaining that experience indirectly which is awesome. Your blog does exactly what it’s meant for. I’m impressed.

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