Easy Like Sunday Morning

Me in front of the "church" building (Really a theatre)

This last Sunday (yesterday), I went to church. I know it sounds like an obvious thing, but considering that I spent 45 minutes on the subway to get to that church, it’s a big thing. In Jamaica, my church is walking distance away, and there were ALOT of Sunday mornings when I would not go to church. But this Sunday, I went and I liked it.The church is one of those International, very contemporary churches. It’s called Beijing International Christian Fellowship (BICF) and they use the auditorium of the 21st Century Hotel.

Looking down at the "priest"

When I started the trip from The Communication University of China, there were 3 of us (3 girls), Cynthia (Kenya), Thula (Zimbabwe) and myself. We took the Batong Line to Sihui, transferred to Line 1, came off at Guomao where we transferred to Line 10 and took the subway to Lianmaqiao. Lianmaqiao is nice. The restaurants are nice and upscale, the streets are clean, the German Embassy is there, there is a housing scheme specifically for diplomats and they don’t have little random shops around like they do near my university.

My Church Mates

Church lasted about 1 1/2 hours, and the message was: Love is a Feeling, Love is not a feeling…yes I know. After the service ended, we 3 girls met up with 2 guys from our university who were also in church and we all went to eat lunch at one of the upscale restaurants, a Thai Restaurant. I have to admit, it was expensive, but the food was delicious. When I left the restaurant, I waved to one of the servers (Fú wù yúan) when I left, and she seemed so happy, I felt like I made her day. That food was really good though.

Beef Satay, mmmmm
Roast Chicken, or was it Duck?

Now, I ‘ve been bent on getting myself a Chinese-English dictionary for a while, so I heard that there was this huge, really nice, really big book store in Wudaokou. Wudaokou is a university area. There are a million and one universities there, and it is a really big shopping district as well. So I took everybody to Wudaokou, convinced that this place had streets paved with gold, and I guess trying to convince everybody else of the same thing. I don’t think they bought it. It took us about an hour to get there. So all in all we were about 2 hours away from school, from home and from a bed, but we got there, and I was getting my dictionary (I learnt today in class that the word for dictionary is cí diăn; character dictionary is zì diăn). I didn’t get my dictionary 😦 I’m going to go to Xidan bookstore tomorrow though. Maybe I will have better luck. So after walking around in Wudaokou for a while, I realised that the streets weren’t paved with gold, but maybe the pockets of the store owners had gold lining (since everything was so expensive).

Walking around
Thula and I

We took the looong ride back to school. Where Cynthia and I had ice-cream from the supermarket. It was good ice-cream. When I got back home I tried to study for a Chinese Language test I have tomorrow. Lets just say it was an epic fail. It was a good Sunday, not my typical Sunday, but I’m in Beijing, nothing is typical anymore.


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