Who is that crazy lady behind me?

This post was actually supposed to have been done last week, but for some reason, it wasn’t done. Anyway, here goes:

Jumping forward two weeks…I will fill you all in later about the happenings of the past two weeks, assuming time hasn’t messed with my memory. But, today I experienced true Chinese curiosity. I’m sure it could have gotten way more uncomfortable, and actually I can understand this form of curiosity.

Everyday, I have class from 8 am to 12 pm, and then it’s lunch time. Usually I stay within the confines of Chuamei Daxue (Communication University of China), but today, I went lunching on a little market road outside of the university. I had Bibimbap – a Korean dish, but I digress.

Walking back to the University, the group I was with was hanging around one of the fruit stalls, talking, laughing and whatever else it is that groups do. Then at one point I turned around and there was one of the Chinese vendors right behind me. I smiled at her, and the reaction was of someone who had been caught. A few minutes later, the same vendor starts milling around until I guess my quizzical expression prompted her to ask – in Chinese of course – whether or not my hair was real. Thankfully someone in the group spoke enough Chinese to understand.

This was not by any stretch of the imagination an awful experience, but in Jamaica, if someone is curious about my hair, they will ask. Here they just mill around to try to get close enough to get the answer themselves, ok let me not generalize, this lady did. This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks that I have experienced this type of curiosity, but to be honest, I was expecting a lot worse. Hey if that’s all they are curious about, I can live with that.

P.S. I braid yarn into my hair so it looks like fake locks.


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