Today I…

This is a new feature that I am starting on the blog. So many things happen on a daily basis in China that I want talk about, but it’s not enough for a full-length blog. So I decided, why do a full-length blog? I’ll just give you snippets of things that I find interesting on a day-to-day basis.

The puppy was similar to this puppy, but it was smaller and cuter

1. Today I met a shy puppy. I know what you’re thinking, but stay with me. I was coming from dinner with my roommate, Victoria and my friend, Dilan, when I saw the tiniest black puppy on a leash sitting near a man and his daughter, I assume. Of course I do what I always do…”Aww look at the puppy. It is so cute “etc. This time, Victoria agreed with me. Dilan doesn’t like dogs, so any dog is a vicious man-eating beast to her. So we went over and Victoria asked the man, in Chinese, if we could pet the puppy. As we went towards the puppy, it ran behind the man, even though he kept saying “go to the foreigners” (I think that’s what he said). The puppy just kept hiding behind the man, and then the little girl bent down with yoghurt and the puppy climbed up on her. Even when we went near the little girl with the yoghurt (puppies usually stay where the food is) he would hide behind the man. After awhile, we gave up.

I have to say that I’ve never met a shy dog before, and Victoria agreed. She said usually even if they are shy at first, they end up coming to you, even out of curiosity. That’s when we decided that China really is the Land of Everything You’ve Never Seen Before.

A knife and fork

2. The same day I went to church and the Thai Restaurant, the Fú wù yúan brought us a knife and a fork with the food. From the day that I landed in China, I have been using chop sticks. The canteens and restaurants do give you the option of using a spoon, but I opt to use chop sticks, I don’t know why, I like them better. So when the Fú wù yúan brought us the knifes and forks, we picked them up and Thula and I looked at them for a while then said “Where are the chopsticks?”

A pair of chopsticks

I brought a set of cutlery with me, but now that I think about it, I haven’t used the fork, and until I started writing about it awhile ago, I actually forgot that I had it. Maybe next time I go to the market, I will buy my own pair of chopsticks. ..


2 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Hi Danielle,

    I think it’s a brilliant idea to keep a blog.
    Do continue to enjoy the culture and the different experiences.

    Walk good.

  2. I think I’ll enjoy your posts Danielle. It’s an excellent idea to keep a blog.

    Keep well and enjoy this new and different experience.

    Walk good.

    Fae Ellington

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