Things I miss…

So far all I’ve been writing about is how much I love China, how big it is and how China has everything anybody could possibly want. But then I started to miss Jamaica and I realised, if China had everything anybody could possibly want, then I wouldn’t miss Jamaica. So here goes:


1. Steel Pan – I miss Panoridim Steel Orchestra. I miss my double tenor pan. I miss the sense of accomplishment I get after learning a song (especially a hard one) perfectly. I miss how any problem or stress I have disappears when I start playing. I miss the music. I miss the camaraderie that Panoridim has…I am still trying to find a Steelpan group in Beijing.

Double Tenor
Layout of Double Tenor

2. Family and Friends – This one goes without saying. After spending a lifetime with family and friends, nobody understands you as much as they do.


3. Sunshine – It’s always kind of cold here. The sun does come out occasionally, but it’s mostly cold.

4. Blue Skies – The sky is hardly blue here, most times it’s greyish and you never really see clearly defined clouds.

5. Clean Air – Yesterday, for the entire day, there was an obvious haze that decided to take a permanent seat all over my university, maybe it was all over Beijing too, I don’t know. But everything just looked hazy. My poor lungs.

6. The Beach – I’ve heard that there is a beach in Beijing, but I’m sure it’s nothing like the beaches in Jamaica.

7. Music Playing on the Road – This is just something I noticed, not necessarily something I miss that much. A friend asked me what kind of music China has and what kind of music I hear on the streets. I had to tell her that I didn’t know because I don’t hear music on the roads. I hear hustlers playing music in the subway and music in the restaurants, but it sounds like the music in Jamaican Chinese restaurants. The few pop songs that I have heard sound like American pop music.

8. Access to Reliable Internet – Using the Internet here is extremely annoying because of the speed of the Internet and the continuous loss of connection.


1. The Food  – I like Chinese food so I don’t miss Jamaican food that much, but I’m sure I’ll be eating my words in a few months.

Patty and Coco Bread

2. Being Employed – Being a student is a lot less stress than being employed.

3. The Prices – The exchange rate is 15 JMD – 1 RMB. When I work out the Jamaican dollar equivalent  for most things I buy, I would never get it for that price in Jamaica.

4. English – I don’t feel as lost as I thought I would be. All my friends speak some level of English and now that I’m learning Chinese, I can use it a little to get around.



4 thoughts on “Things I miss…

  1. I think also that its good you are recording this as with each month and year those lists will change. Sometimes the pro and con list will get respectively shorter and sometimes longer. Its part of studying abroad as far as you are. Best with it.

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