Of Cooking and Tests and Everything In-between

The last few weeks since “Chang Cheng” (Great Wall) have gone by alot faster than September did and I’m glad because it’s starting to get alot colder now. So the faster the days go by, the better. It’s so cold sometimes that some people put perishable food outside at nights to keep it from spoiling because we don’t have fridges in our rooms.

About 3 weeks ago, a group of us decided to get together and cook food from our respective countries. So there was food from Jamaica (of course), Serbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Sweden, Turkey, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Mongolia (salty tea) and Kenya (tea). There was alot of food and I mean alot. The Serbian food was really good. They made pastas, some kind of ham roll and something that looked like a small fried cake. For my contribution, I made Rice and Peas and Shrimp Fritters. I was really proud of myself since I had never made any of these things before and they came out really well. People just kept saying “I can’t get enought of that round fried thing” (the fritters).

Then about 2 weeks ago another group of us performed at a talent show at our university. We sang “Knocking on Heavens Door” in English first and then in the language of each of our countries. well everbody except for me. I joined in on the Swahili chorus with my friend from Kenya because well…they already sang the English version. So now I can say “Knocking on Heavens Door” in Swahili. It may just come in handy one day.

My mid-term exams came and went this week, which means that I am half-way through my first sememster in China. Unbelievable. But out of all of this, I think I have some advice for myself. Study more and what keeps you warm in Jamiaca will not keep you warm in China. That I did not know.


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