It was a cold rainy night…

Last night (Friday night) was a cold rainy night and I know because I spent most of the night in the rain. It was another one of those Friday nights where it starts out as uneventful, well that’s how my Friday nights always start out. I certainly wasn’t planning to spend it running in the rain.

The same group of us that sang "Knocking on Heavens Door" went to a small International Student’s Party put on by another university to lively up the party by singing. On the way there in the subway, the guitarist, a guy from Brazil started playing music and we all started signing. There was music playing and singing for most of the way there.

When we got off the subway, we got lost walking in circles and while we were trying to figure out where the place was, it started to rain. Then little by little, people would just disappear. Every now and then you would hear, "Where is so-and-so? I don’t know. *call so-and-so* So-and-so would turn up after 5 minutes. We eventually got everybody (about 20 people) together and we got to the bar where the party was being held.

It was an OK party, more like a social gathering. One problem being that the bar tender did not want us to make too much noise. We did not stay too long since everyone wanted to go clubbing. I didn’t go since I didn’t feel like it, so 4 of us decided to take the subway home, and that was the point when it started to rain heavily and it rained and rained and rained. When we got to the subway station they were starting to close it, so we took a taxi home (18 RMB more than the subway would have costed, the subway is 2RMB), and when we got to our school gate, we ran in the rain until we got to the International Centre.

Usually I tend to compare my bed at home in Jamaica to this one, thinking how much more comfortable it is, but last night, I was never happier to see this dry bed with warm blankets.


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