My First Snow Day!

jackfruit chips

Yesterday morning when I woke up…I didn’t wake up so much as jump out of my bed because I heard my roommate scream and I thought she was dying…I saw everything covered in white because it was snowing!!! Even my groceries that I usually put outside at night to keep fresh were covered in snow. There are quite a few of us who had never seen snow before and one of my friends even said, “Now we know that snow is real and it’s not just something that is made up.” When I went outside, it just looked like everything was covered in shaved ice.

1. My First Snow Day

I also recently found out what Bing Crosby was talking about when he said “Chestnuts roasting on open fire…” I tasted them for the first time a few weeks ago. I should mention that I changed rooms and so I no longer share with the two girls from Costa Rica and China, but I now share with one girl from Turkey. So my roommate brought home a bag and offered me a Chestnut, she calls it Turkish food. It isn’t as nutty as the name implies though.

But with the snow and December starting and me listening to Christmas music all the time, I’ve started to feel very Christmassy, but not everyone here (International Students) feels that way. I know that I am in a different environment, different country, different types of people with different cultures so things won’t be the same as they were in Jamaica. I know this Christmas will be different because I’ve never been away from my family or Jamaica on Christmas Day before and now I have one of my final exams the next day (Boxing Day) so this year will be interesting.

i found jackfruit chips here

I’ve seen a few Christmas trees in hotels and mall but it’s not really Christmas that the Chinese are celebrating I don’t think My teacher told me that some Chinese think that the idea of Christmas is very romantic. I didn’t really understand how they could think that Christmas was romantic until one of my classmates said that alot of the Christmas songs talk about love and from what I have observed the Chinese are very romantic people. I will leave it at that.



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