Take Care in the Cold

In the previous post “6 Reasons Winter should have a delete button“, I realized that I was complaining a lot. Though it’s nice to complain, I’ll still be cold, tired and generally irritated for the rest of Winter after I’m done complaining. So, these are 4 things that I do (mostly from advice given by friends and family) to prevent Winter from getting to me.

1. Wrap up

I had complained about having to put on too many clothes, but you know what, if that’s what has to done to keep warm,

Notice the scarf to protect the neck and chest and the thickness of the coat that I'm wearing while going for a walk in Takaragaike park.

then I’ll do it. I would often forget my gloves and hat in my room or because I’d think, “Oh It’s not that cold”. Then by the end of the day my hands would be so cold, it would hurt to hold the key to open my room door. Thank God I have a roommate.

2. Wake Up/ Move

It is really tempting to stay in bed all day, and then fall asleep, but nothing would ever get done. I have to force myself to wake up, shower and go outside. Going outside, I often realize, I’m not actually tired or at least not as tired as I think I am. That is when things start getting done.

3. Exercise

Before I went to China, my cousin told me to get into an exercise routine before Winter  or else I would probably just stay in bed. That was so true. I don’t have a set exercise routine yet, but the times that I do force myself outside, I try to walk and climb stairs as much as possible. Sometimes I take the stairs to the 9th floor instead of the elevator to get to my room. It’s better than nothing I say.

The petroleum jelly, olive oil and water bottle that help keeps me hydrated

4. Olive Oil/Water/Petroleum Jelly

I’ve never had dry skin in my life up until now…well I’ve had ashy skin, but not dry to the point where my skin started to resemble a leather handbag [looking at a bag to buy in the market one day, my friend actually said “that bag kind of looks like your skin”]. Now, I use Olive Oil everyday after I shower. My skin absorbs more of the oil because it is warm from the hot water (I think) and also forms a new barrier against the cold everyday. I also use Olive Oil to moisturize my hair. I drink water everyday, all day because Beijing air is ridiculously dry. The air in Japan is not so dry, but it’s still a good habit to have since drinking water helps to hydrate my skin and hair from the inside. I have a water bottle that I carry with me everywhere because it’s cheaper than always buying water (the one in the picture is actually my sister’s bottle not mine). Finally, I sometimes  rub petroleum jelly on my skin after using lotion because it does the same barrier thing that the Olive Oil does.

Winter, I think is the most expensive season because of all the different types of gear that have to be bought plus they are all so expensive. But if there were no Winter, I don’t think I would appreciate the warmth of Summer and Spring and the cool days of Autumn as much. I hope my experiences can help somebody traveling to a cold country, after-all, experiences are for learning right?


One thought on “Take Care in the Cold

  1. hi danielle, I just want to wish you all the best for the new year and in your studies as well. I am an avid reader of your posts and do enjoy reading them. quite a world traveller you are. I did not realize that you were in Japan? If so, you do get around. After a while you get accostomed to the weather and come to appreciate the changes and the different feelings that each season brings. Wish I were there but not in the winter. Love, Brendan & Hope.

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