Who else went to China?

Danielle did…

No that’s not me. I didn’t go to China in 2008 for the Olympics, but another Danielle did, and she blogged about it. My friend showed me this website, and of course I was in shock, as you can see below…

After I got over the initial shock, I thought it was cool that someone else called Danielle decided to go to China, decided to write a blog about it and then thought that “Danielle is going to China!!” would be an appropriate name for the blog. I think the name Danielle is just too common and too many of us are going to China.

You can check out the other Danielle’s blog at this link The Other Danielle’s Blog

On another note, I think I can officially say that I’ve assimilated to Asian culture during this trip to Japan. OK, that’s a big jump…I’m coming around to the idea of taking part in the Chinese culture for the next 3 1/2 years.

My sister and I each bought ourselves a rice bowl, a pair of chopsticks and a carrying case for the chopsticks. I love my bowl very much because when I look at it I think “Yes, that’s what a rice bowl should look like.”

Decorative rabbits carved into my rice bowl

I really wanted a rice bowl because the Chinese have the culture of having the main dishes in the middle of the table and everyone gets a small bowl of rice and whatever you want, you take from the middle and put in your rice bowl. Sometimes each person gets their own plate, but I really like the rice bowl culture. I don’t know if that really explains why I wanted my own rice bowl,  but I suppose it’s like wanting your own special drinking cup/mug.

The pattern of the wood on the inside

I love the chopsticks too and I used the chopsticks for the first time yesterday when I went to eat Sushi with my sister at a Sushi Bar.

My new pair of chopsticks
See? I used them for Sushi. It's good for the environment because they're recyclable
I tried raw squid sushi using my new chopsticks. It wasn't bad. Didn't really taste like anything.

Ok so,

rice bowl √

chip sticks √

chop sticks carrying case √

Next on my list of things to buy, rice for the rice bowls of course.


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