What’s lost in Japan will be found

Early this week, about Monday I think, I went out on the town with my sister for a day that could have ended incredibly badly.

My sister and I went to Shijo Dori (town centre) mainly because I had to get money changed. Afterwards I was walking around with all my changed money in my purse…lets just say it was a good amount.

So there I was, walking around, feeling carefree, weaving my way in and out of the roads in the town, shopping a little, going to restaurants, looking at the scenery and just enjoying the atmosphere.

At one point after I made a purchase in a book store, I noticed that my bag felt kind of light, but I ignored it. I found out why it was so light 1/2 hour later when I was trying to grab for my purse to buy something at the 100 Yen store…I had dropped it on the floor of the book store. Of course my sister and I went straight back to the book store.

When we got to the store, my sister asked the store clerk about it, and after some enquiries, one of the store’s office workers brought it back to me. They had this form that they asked my sister to sign and on the form, it had all my details including my full name (first, middle and last name) and address in Jamaica. The only way they could have gotten that information was to get my driver’s licence from my purse, which means they would have seen all the money I had just changed.

I checked my purse immediately and nearly had a heart attack when I opened my purse and only saw Chinese money. Then I remembered that my purse had two sides, and I looked on the other side and all the money was there!

I was awe-struck at the level of honesty that existed for me to have been able to get my purse back with everything intact.

I could say several things about Kyoto, but there’s one thing I can say that I probably wouldn’t be able to say about other places, if you lose something in Kyoto, you will get it back.

P.S. The store in which I lost my purse is called “Loft”. Thanks to all who helped me find my purse and so helped to avert a ruined vacation.

The Kyoto Tower - From the top floor, all of Kyoto can be seen

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