The Singing Toilet Can’t Really Sing

I heard on the RJR “Good Morning Jamaica” show a couple years ago that toilets in Japan could sing. That was when Alan and Dorraine (Now it’s Alan and Paula) were on the air and they started this segment where they would read bizarre news from around the world. So that morning (about 2005) they read about Japan installing singing toilets in their public bathrooms. Some of the reasons they read this as bizarre news were:

– What if the person in the next stall doesn’t want to hear your toilet sing?

– If you play music in the toilet, people will start imagining what you’re trying to hide.

– Even if people can’t hear what you’re trying to hide, they might be able to smell it.

My first singing toilet

I actually forgot about this “bizarre” part of Japan and only remembered the first time I used a public bathroom in Japan. The toilet had this arm rest type thing at the side with buttons that I could press to play music or clean myself, if you know what I mean.

Mechanical Arm

Of course I was super curious; what kind of music would the toilet play? Traditional Japanese music, Pop music, Rock music, Reggae music (we know how Japan loves their Jamaican music). So I pressed the button and out came the sound of a toilet flushing. I also pressed the button for the bidet but nothing happened.


I was disappointed when I realized that the toilets don’t really sing. Ah well…but I did find out that some of the toilets in Japan have heated seats. In the Winter time, that is one of the best discoveries ever!

Comparing the bathroom situation in Japan to China: China has more public squat toilets and Japan has more public Western style toilets. I’ve only seen squat public toilets twice in my 4 weeks here, whereas in China I can count how many times I’ve seen Western style toilets. Anyhow, I’ve gotten used to them both so whichever one pops up is ok with me.


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