Elephant Man Accused of Rape?

Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Elephant Man

Just as I was getting ready to write a new blog post about Kyoto, I saw a link to an article posted on Facebook entitled “Rapper Elephant Man Arrested On Rape Charges”. A couple of things about this headline made me stop scrolling down my Facebook news feed and click to see what was going on:

1. Elephant Man isn’t a rapper. What are they talking about?

2. Elephant Man Arrested? For what now?

3. Rape? Another artiste being accused of rape? What is going on?

The link led me to Perez Hilton’s site and a short paraphrased story about Elephant Man allegedly raping a woman at his house.

As bad as it may sound, I don’t get to update myself on news in Jamaica and the World very often (don’t worry, this year, I’m going to read the news everyday!) . That being said, every now and then I get small bursts of information which are usually a total surprise since I’ve been living under a self-imposed rock. News like Seal and Heidi, the Freezing weather in Europe and the Dispute between residents of China and Hong Kong are things that I was oblivious about. Usually it’s surprising enough to talk about for 1 minute, maybe 5 if the appropriate company is present, but not surprising enough to blog about it. But with this article, I had to say something because, well, I think of Elephant Man as a one of the good guys in this era of Dancehall. I am not a die-hard fan or anything but I do have respect for him for managing to avoid a mass of gun tunes and daggering lyrics when it was all the rage.

The Perez Hilton article did not offer much detail, besides the fact that Elephant Man was arrested, and a picture of Elephant man with Perez’ one word commentary on the situation. So I searched and found another article ,which said that Elephant Man was granted bail at his first court appearance since he was accused of the rape of a 31 year old woman at his house, and he is supposed to return to court on May 21.

That’s an awfully long time to wait to have preliminary hearings on a case such as rape. It really is a sensitive issue for both parties involved. Think about it, for the lady, she has to wait 4 1/2 months before there is the possibility of hearing any kind of verdict; and for Elephant Man, an artiste with the “Energy God” reputation such as his, this is not a good charge to have hanging over your head unresolved.

No human is perfect or as my mother would say “No put pot pon fire for nobody” but there’s always this: innocent until proven guilty or not guilty.


One thought on “Elephant Man Accused of Rape?

  1. to be fair ele does have a barage of gun songs and a bit of daggering him jus happen to get us to think they are nursery rhyme innocent lol shizzle

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