Symphonically Speaking

I went to the Kyoto Junior Orchestra Concert at the Kyoto Concert Hall and I was so excited! I recently started learning the violin and I wanted to see the violin in action in an orchestral performance, plus I’ve just always wanted to go to a live orchestra performance.  I was planning to go to the professional concert, but it was way more expensive and if we bought the cheapest tickets, we would have had to sit behind the stage. Never having been to an orchestral performance, I did not know what a behind the stage seat looked like and I was not about to take any chances. At the Junior Orchestra Concert we could sit anywhere so we sat in the balcony. It had a very nice view. Now that I’ve been inside a concert hall, behind the stage isn’t so bad. Next time I go to a symphony performance I’ll sit behind the stage since it’s usually the cheapest seat.

The 3 of us that went to the concert

Back to the concert. The orchestra played 3 pieces with an intermission after the 2nd piece.  The whole thing lasted about 2 hours.  I spent my time looking at all the instruments trying to see what role each instrument played, and trying to identify the exact sound that each instrument played.

The Junior Orchestra on Stage. Click to make larger and see my notes.

I like sounds of the Cello and the French Horn the most. The 2 most awkward instruments I thought, were the Bass Violin and the Tuba. I was worried every time the Tuba player picked up his instrument, because I had visions of it toppling over and knocking down the entire row of wind instruments.That didn’t happen though. But one of the Viola players did have to come offstage because there was something wrong with her Viola. 2 songs later she came back on in the middle of the performance and started to play like dickance*.

Indo-Asia Restaurant

After the performance we went to an Indo-Asia restaurant which was yummy.

Shish Kebab from the Restaurant

I don’t think I’ve ever had curry with cream in it before. It was good, but I prefer my cream-less curry.

Chicken Butter Curry, Cheese Naan and Mango Lassi

Going to the Symphony was one of my favourite things that I did in Kyoto. I would love it, if Jamaica had a really good concert hall even though I would probably sit behind the stage all the time.

*Variation of the phrase “Like Dickens”


3 thoughts on “Symphonically Speaking

  1. Point made espaecially if you end up buying the least expensive seats. Did that myself when I went in the “nosebleed” seats at a few concerts (was called nosebleed” for a good reason.:-)

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