Back to Beijing

After 6 weeks in Kyoto, Japan, I’m now back in China. It was a long, long, long, long holiday and at times I thought it would never end. Japan was beautiful, although really expensive but I was tired of being on holiday and wanted to get on with my life. Because I was away from Beijing for so long,  I became really anxious in the days leading up to my return. I hadn’t seen my friends for 6 weeks, I hadn’t seen my room or my roommate for 6 weeks. Would I remember all the Chinese I spent the last 4 months memorizing? Would everything be the same? Would I have to completely readjust to a new environment again? I almost started to feel as though I had dreamed up the last 4 months of my life, but then when I returned it was almost as if the 6 weeks of holiday never happened.

I had to speak in Chinese at the airport and though I was a bit slow, I still remembered the words and sentence structures. Then on my way back from the airport, I saw 3 firework displays, remnants of the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Celebrations. When I came back to school it was empty as most people had not returned from wherever they went as yet. My room did look a little strange, but after 2 days I was fine. One really good thing about being away for 6 weeks was that I had nothing to do most days, so I would religiously practice Music Scales and “Minuet 3” on my violin for 1  hour almost everyday, so my playing improved a whole lot. Not to expert level or anything, but at least I didn’t sound reminiscent to a 2 year old making music with pot covers.

Now life is continuing, back to normal. I am now in class 2 at the Communication University of China’s Language School. Again it’s back to memorizing characters, practicing pronunciation, practicing the violin and getting involved in whatever other extra curricular activities I can get my hands on, which for now doesn’t seem to be that much and making new friends…an ever ongoing process.

I think I’ve now started to accept my position for the next 3 1/2 years although for some reason I’ve begun to feel really homesick. I suppose it’s a part of the phase that one goes through living in a new country for so long. But that’s life, it happens.


One thought on “Back to Beijing

  1. This posting demonstrates three things: one about you which. I knew before. And two about your situation interacting with you. Your more than healthy dose of focus and deferred gratification lead to and resulted in the feelings of anxiaty and desire to get on with the challange.

    How are you? Winsome tells me you will be here in June. Thats good for I am anxious to see you. Take care.

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