Sunday Thoughts

Written 3 about 3 Sundays ago…

During my 3 years at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus, I wanted to live on Hall because it just seemed like so much fun and it seemed like people that lived on Hall enjoyed university a lot more than I did. How does that saying go? Be careful what you wish for. A little over a year after I graduated from UWI, I was shipped off to China where I had no choice but to live in the school-provided housing.

It’s Sunday evening and my roommate and I are making our version of Sunday Dinner without the luxury of having a sprawling kitchen at our disposal, or even a kitchen…OK let me not make it seem so bad…there is a kitchen on the 7th floor (I live on the 9th floor). But it’s such a hassle to lug all our cooking equipment and ingredients downstairs. So that being said, we’re making our version of Sunday Dinner in our room using a rice cooker and a pressure cooker. We’ve converted our desks into kitchen counters; our beds into dish racks and our bathroom sink into well…a kitchen sink (It’s a necessity thing).

We’ve both agreed that we can both get married now and that our husbands will be lucky people. If we can cook Thai Green Curry, Turkish Potato Salad and Turkish Rice in a dorm room, imagine what we can do in a big kitchen.

So now that I’ve experienced the life of a student living on campus, do I take back my wish? Well no…it’s just two different types of experiences. Living at home (living with parents) means having a bigger space in which to live, having specialized rooms as opposed one or half a room being used for everything, not worrying about groceries or utilities, not having to eat out if you didn’t cook because probably someone else at home cooked. On the other hand*, it also means you don’t make friends as quickly; you can’t participate in late night school activities; you don’t get to just walk to your friend’s room to talk; you hear about the drama after it’s happened and you don’t quite get that sense of independence you would get if you lived on campus.

I have to admit that I love my own space and sometimes I just wish I had a couch to sit on, but I’m getting used to this whole living on campus thing. I wouldn’t say I love it, but I can definitely tell that after four years I will have some good memories in my pocket (I’ll probably forget the bad ones) and perhaps some great friendships too.

*This is specific to my experience


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