Fried Any Chicken Lately?

Sweet and Crispy Chicken with Hard dough Bread

I love to bake…and cook…and…well, as long as I am trying a new recipe, any kind of recipe, I am happy. So this summer (after spending a year in a shared dorm room and sharing two (2) kitchens with the entire building) I am going to run wild in my kitchen at home.

The first recipe I jumped into was a Korean “Sweet and Crispy Chicken” also called “Dakgangjeong“. This recipe was really intended for chicken wings, but mixed chicken parts were cheaper.

I was super duper excited by this recipe because I had never made fried chicken before, much less Korean Fried Chicken. This chicken turned out to be the best fried chicken I have ever had in the world, and I have backup to prove it.

The  things that I did differently to making regular fried chicken is:

– Remove all the fat and skin from every single piece of chicken

– Season only with salt and pepper, then dump cornstarch, flour and eggs on top of the chicken then mixing them all together to make the batter

– Double fry each piece of chicken.

–  Coat the chicken with a gingery sweet/sticky sauce

– Not add peanuts or sesame seeds (I didn’t have sesame seeds on hand; Why do I need to add peanuts to chicken?)

And it was amazing!

If you decide to try this recipe yourself, I would definitely applaud that decision. Or, let’s say you put it on your Bucket List, I wouldn’t hold it against you.

The Sweet and Crispy Chicken before being served



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