Welcome “Home” to Beijing

After the very long Summer holiday in Jamaica, I had to face reality and come back to Beijing to finish the 3 years of studies that I have left.
Unlike the 1st time that I came to Beijing, this time I traveled the 26 hour trip alone. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds though, because most of the time on the plane was spent sleeping and the time in the airports was spent walking around or reading a magazine I bought at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport called "Ideas & Discoveries".

I left Kingston at 6:30AM Wednesday morning and got to Beijing at 11:50PM Thursday night. Although it was raining and I was homesick, I was happy that I could give directions to the taxi driver without any problems, but then when I got to the school and the driver refused to drive up to the dorm because according to him, there were cars parked on either side of the driveway and his car couldn’t fit, therefore forcing me to walk in the rain, that was when I said to myself, "Yup, welcome to China".

After that, I was homesick for about 2 days, but I have been getting back into the groove of everyday life and now everything feels normal again.

There have been a few changes:

– I moved to a bigger room and I now have a new Korean roommate. She seems very agreeable and friendly so far but we are not often in the room together at the same time.

– I’m no longer the only person from the Caribbean at my school. There is a guy and a girl from Jamaica, as well as 2 women from the Bahamas. They are all here for one (1) year to do their Masters in International Communication. I am glad that there are people from the same culture here, but at the same time I am no longer a novelty.

Everything else has remained more or less the same. I have continued with violin classes (my teacher says my sound is getting better), and I am now in class 4 Mandarin. So far I am having trouble remembering the vocabulary, but it could be that my mind has not shifted to the memorization mode as yet. Hopefully it switches soon because once it does, then everything will be completely back to normal.


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