The Comeback

I’ve been in Beijing, China for 1 1/2 years now. Wow, time goes at a nice moderate pace. I’m not in school now but busy enjoying my Winter vacation until February 26th, when I start my final semester of Mandarin. Then, in September, after 2 years, I will finally start my Masters in a yet to be determined program of studies. I can’t wait! It will either be something in TV, Radio, Film or a combination.

Early last semester I lost my way with the blog. A major setback and buzzkill for me was losing my camera while horseback riding in Inner Mongolia. I have the drafts for the blog entry for that trip floating somewhere around in my email’s drafts folder.

But two things pushed me to start again, a promise I made to write a blog about an amazing experience I had last week and a walk that I took around my school campus tonight. Plus I bought myself a smartphone. Yay! Not only can I now actually look up words and characters that I don’t know when out on the road or in class (instead of nodding and smiling and not having a clue what is being said to me) but I can also take pictures and videos.

So I’m back! This time through different eyes, more experienced but still trying to find my way in Beijing.


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