How to Build a “Snowman”

I built my first snowman on Sunday after church. It’s my second Winter, but I’ve only just now had the motivation, company and right timing to attempt it. There was not much time to perfect our design since we were just trying to pass time until our driver came to carry us back to school. So our "snowman" actually ended up being a tiny snowbird.

With the little experience that I have gained, these are the things I learned:

1. Use a rock as the foundation for the snowman. Sounds simple, but even when the base kept falling apart, it didn’t cross my mind.

2. Building a large, glorious snowman that is often seen in movies requires alot of snow and patience.

3. Prepare for frozen fingers and toes when it’s all done.

It was fun building my first snow animal, and I’m always grateful for the snow to fall because it makes it so much warmer as well as reducing the pollution a bit. I’m always glad for that.


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