The Trouble With Proxies / It’s Me!

I feel like the Prodigal Son with this post. After a long absence, I’ve just popped up and said “Hey, I’m back!” But I made a promise to blog until I leave China and that’s what I’m going to do.

OK so proxies. I didn’t know what those were before I came to China and I actually still don’t know. All I know is that since certain sites are blocked here in China like Facebook, WordPress Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, WordPress, something magical can be installed on your computer, to allow access to every single site. Almost makes you forget that there’s such a thing as Internet censorship. 

As with all things, there are the expensive ones and there are the free ones. We students tend to go with the free ones and so this is where the problem usually comes, as shown in the conversation below:

Person: Hey what proxy do you use? Mine stopped working.

Me: Well I didn’t have one, then I got “Expensive Door” from so-and-so, but that kept updating itself like it had a point to prove, then it just stopped working.

Person: Oh yeah, that happened with me too

Me: But now I have “Stop Civilian” You should get it. It works really well

…2 days later

Me: Hey what proxy are you using? Mine stopped working…`that if the proxy I have this time gives up on me half-way, I may just switch to a blogging platform site that isn’t blocked in China.

More blogs to come so Enjoy!

*Name of sites were changed




4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Proxies / It’s Me!

  1. Basically the proxy programme on your computer changes your i.p. In essence it simulates your computer being located in another country.

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