My New Ride

I’ve been wanting a bicycle since FOREVER! Actually that’s a lie, I’ve been wanting a puppy since forever and a bicycle for the last two years (since I’ve been in China). But anybody who has ever been witness to me making a decision knows that I never take decision making lightly.

So after 2 years of back and forth deliberations, I finally bought a bicycle, which one of my friends calls a “Harley” because it’s so low. I don’t mind though cause it doesn’t make my back hurt when I ride, since it allows you to ride with a straight back.

In front of the bicycle shop on Chaoyang Road.

The one downfall is I didn’t get a bicycle with gears. The upside is that I don’t stay in my room anymore because I can’t be bothered with the length of time it will take to walk to my destination and back, or how long I will spend dealing with crowds if I decide to take the bus or subway. Plus I can go for leisurely Sunday evening rides any day, any time and anywhere.

I thought of selling it to get one with gears, but I won’t because I paid RMB 400 (USD 65) and I’m pretty certain I won’t get RMB 400 for it. If it gets destroyed, then I will buy another one with gears. But until then I’m going to roll out with my new ride!


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