Goodbye Language School, Hello Film and TV Production!


I am now officially a student of the Masters of Fine Arts in Film and TV Production!

After studying Chinese (Mandarin) for 2 years, I’m so glad to finally start what I came to China to do. I love Chinese, I love learning Chinese and I love being able to speak in a language other than English, but the last semester of language school, I was so zoned out. I had to constantly motivate myself to get out of bed and go to class. Even with the looming thought that I may have to do my Masters in Chinese, that didn’t even help. Fortunately my school introduced the English version of the course, so now the language of instruction is English. I also do intend to keep studying Chinese for the next 2 years of my Masters program. 


There are 5 persons in my class, including myself: A man from Afghanistan, a guy from Madagascar (we’ve been in language school together for the past 2 years), a girl from Kenya and a girl from England. We’ve all been getting along pretty well so far. I hope nothing changes.

I love all my classes, and I don’t have to drag myself anywhere anymore. The only problem is that, they teach as though we know all the basics and since I did my Bachelors in Radio, I don’t know a lot of the basics of Film and TV. Anyhow, it’s a Masters, it’s not supposed to be a walk in the park right?



This semester we’re going to study:

  • Directing I
  • Directing II
  • Audio-Visual Language
  • Comparative Study of Sino-Foreign Documentary
  • History of Chinese TV Dramas
  • European World Cinema
  • Asian World Cinema

 We have our first assignment due next week Monday, right before the National Day Holiday and we’ve all just been running around trying to get it done. We have to do a 60 second – 90 second Long Shot, meaning no editing cuts.  I’m so excited to see how mine will turn out, and how those of my classmates will turn out. Good or bad, I will definitely post the video. What better way to track my progress right?


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Language School, Hello Film and TV Production!

  1. I know that you are very organised …I remember your stint at RETV …don’t know how you managed to get through some of those days ..but you did ..and quite successfully too. So you will be able to manage ….as you said ..this is graduate school so ..not a walk in the park. The outline of topics for the semester promises some interesting classes and projects. Have fun!

  2. Takes me back to Music during Summer School @ Edna Manley, when you worried that you did not know how to play the drum; And again going into Grade 4 when you worried that you did not know the Math they would teach. Do well, as usual.

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