Congratulations Chef Danielle…

The chef who I taught to make the dish and I.
The chef who I taught to make the dish and I.

It was a cold Tuesday night in Lang Fang, Hebei (a city just outside of Beijing). I was lying in bed after a long day of dishwashing (more about that in later posts). Should I try to do some work? Should I watch a TV series on Baidu? Should I go to sleep? Sleep won, as it often does, but out of sheer boredom, I decided to check my email first to see whether anyone from the family had emailed me, or what goods people were peddling to me in their ads. Then I saw this email subject:

“Danielle Congratulation !!!!!!”

It was an email from one of the other contestants in the cooking competition congratulating me. My heart started racing as I read his email…”But how did he know that I won?” I scrolled down a bit more and saw this email from the organiser of the competition:

Dear all,

it is my great pleasure to announce Chef Danielle as the winner of our first Kitchen Heritage.
Danielle sold a total of 11 portions.
Congratulations! Please do let me know when you are able to come to our hotel and receive your grand prize!
Our hotel will donate 5% of the total revenue to our IHG Project Hope (RMB 280.40 RMB).
We are planning a second Kitchen Heritage early next year. I hope to see you all again soon. I would like to give it a direction this time, maybe Asian dishes or German food? What do you think? Any suggestions?
Best regards,
So I won, and Jamaican Escovitch Fish with Rice and Peas will be on the Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport’s menu for at least six (6) months. And as I said in my WeChat post, Thank you God for the big and little things that make life interesting
Jamaican Escoveitched Fish
Jamaican Escovitched Fish – the dish I made

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Chef Danielle…

  1. Congratulations Danielle. Mighty proud of you. Keep doing well and achieving great success. Always knew you’d be great.

    🙂 much love

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