4 docs & a fiction

Flyer for Screening

“4 docs & a fiction” was the name of the screenings that I organised to raise money for the bakery that featured in my documentary. This was also a new venture for me and I was a nervous wreck at every stage of the process, I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten over that habit as yet.


After lots of walking, subway-ing and bus-ing all over Beijing, “Crossroads Centre Beijing” and “The Hutong” agreed to host the screenings.


I named it “4 docs & a fiction”  because the idea was to screen all the films made by myself and my classmates, which were 4 documentary films and 1 fiction film.


In the end about 20 people came to each screening.


The screenings were held within 1 week of each other (June 6 and June 14) and during that time I launched a crowdfunding campaign as well. Boy do those things take a lot of attention.


Between the screenings and the crowdfunding page, I raised 597.14USD. Though my actual goal was 3000USD, 20% of the goal isn’t bad.


After the screenings, that was it, I was done. All I had left to do was pack and graduate. and that would be it. I would no longer be going to school in China.


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